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The Beginning is an FPS horror-survival game from the Shoot Your Nightmare series. Find the alarm clocks to wake up from your nightmare and kill anything that moves!

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These guys love spending the day at the tavern drinking beer. But this is over. You have to go to the basement for more. But the road is full of difficulties and deadly traps, so our friends will h...

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A girl is lost in a forest full of darkness. Help her find a way out by using the Lightsource. Thank you so much for playing my little game! Feedback is much appreciated :) Instructions D Right A ...

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By using this template you can quickly create a super cool platformer game. The template contains a lot of ready-to-use logic. You just need to build levels and perhaps enhance the graphics to suit ...

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In Smoking you control a boy on the way to school, yet several smokers are on the streets and the smoke of their cigarettes impairs their health. To preserve your health and discharge at school safe,...

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This is the complete reproduction of the fight against Froggit in Undertale. All buttons work but some details are different from the original game because I have not managed to reproduce everything ...

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Circus Charlie (Japanese: サーカスチャーリー) is an action/platform game from Konami, Japan, where players control a clown named Charlie. The game was a hit arcade game in 1984, which was successfully release...

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This is the repo for my remake of AquaStax, a 2007 mobile puzzle game.

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remake of old game play it

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The following are the default game rule: - In every game player starts with 3 hp. Every time a Tower block is dropped player is deduct 1 hp; game ends when hp is depleted. - Player is rewarded with...

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Javascript 3d engine using the WHATWG HTML. Copyright (C) 2007 Eben Upton

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An addictive puzzle game inspired by Tetris. Play it at www.hextris.io, or https://hextris.github.io/hextris. Copyright (C) 2018 Logan Engstrom

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Copyright (C) 2011 - 2014 Olivier Biot, Jason Oster, Aaron McLeod melonJS

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Try this new and fresh game here http://brooklynking.github.io/Grimsonland/

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This is a work in progress JavaScript port of the popular 1991 PC game SkiFree by Chris Pirih. Copyright (C) 2013 Daniel Hough

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3D chess game done in HTML/CSS/JS. Works only in webkit. Copyright (c) 2012 Julian Garnier

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Para executar este projeto você vai precisar ter instalado o Git, Node.js, Yarn e o ReactJS no seu computador. Copyright (c) 2020 Joel Fragoso

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Grid Garden is a game for learning CSS grid layout. Check it out at cssgridgarden.com. Copyright 2017 Thomas Park

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An html5 shooter/tower defense game for the #candyjam This project is forked from https://github.com/cshepp/candyjam , rewrote as typescript, update to Phaser 3 and using ES6 . Copyright (c) 2020 Cod...

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Map editor for tower defense game using p5.js. Copyright (c) 2017 xithiox

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BrowserQuest server in PHP base on workerman. A PHP/HTML5/JavaScript multiplayer game experiment. Copyright (c) 2009-2015 walkor<[email protected]> and contributors (see https://github.com/walkor/...

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he game is set within a series of top-down, third-person perspective mazes where the object is to find and touch the designated exit in every level. An assortment of special items can be located in e...

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Do you like snakes? It's cool if you don't because these snakes are no threat to you - other players, on the other hand... Enjoy a twist on an old classic with Slither.io! Like the classic game Snake...

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This is a heart-abuse game that tests the coordination and reaction speed of the player's left and right brains and hands. It is reminded that the small squares on the left and right sides may need t...

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It's all out carnage in ShootEm.io. Build, break and eliminate!

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From now on, you are a ninja. A ninja running infinitely forward. There are tons of enemies along your way, but they are just obstacles. Avoid enemies and run towards the end.

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Play against your friends through various mini games. Friendship blooms in fierce games. This game can be a friendship destruction game. This is the second story.

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Solitaire or patience is a generic term for a card game played by yourself.

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How to play : Swap 2 items to match 3 or more of the same items in a row.

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How to play : Swap 2 items to match 3 or more of the same items in a row. Reach the indicated goal to advance to the next level.