Search for winning numbers, search for nearby stores, create numbers, etc.

"Lotto Master"

A lottery number that suddenly came to mind while I was sleeping.

Need a place to write before you forget?

Don't you always go to a nearby convenience store to buy a lottery ticket?

Now we will solve those worries.

We will write down the number that suddenly came to mind through "Lotto Toto" or inform you of a nearby dealer!

In addition, "Lotto Toto" has various functions as below!

- Detailed function

1. Look up recent lottery numbers

2. Search past lotto number history

3. Automatic lotto number generation

- Select numbers to include

- Select numbers to exclude

4. Manual Lotto Number Recording

5. Search for nearby stores

6. Search for dealers by region

7. Check whether you have won the lottery through QR code

If you have any other features you need, please let me know!

We will do our best to improve our service so that you can always use it comfortably.

thank you!

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