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How to play : Click on the colored buttons in the correct order by repeating the pattern the computer is playing.

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How to play : Can you guess the code and steal the art? Type in the code and hit 'Enter'.

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Find all the hidden objects in this Railway Mystery game. Click to find an object or differences.

86 0
How to play : Match 3 blocks or more to destroy the blocks and clear them from the game screen. use power ups to clear more blocks or collec 3 rainbow blocks to make a random power up that you can us...

10 0
The game screen consists of a "mine field" made up of several square buttons (grids). Each button can be opened by pressing. The play ends when the mine is opened by pressing the hidden button. If th...

16 0
A WebGL maze game built with Three.js and Box2dWeb. Play it here: http://wwwtyro.github.com/Astray/

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Help Monkey Kick Furball to the hills and beyond! How far can you get?

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This game is one of the board games. Roll the dice to reach the final goal. You can reach your goal faster with ladders located throughout.

105 0
The classic 1010 game. Move shapes on the grid and complete rows and columns.

92 0
This is a 3D runner game, from now on you have to become a ninja and run without hesitation. Dodge obstacles and go as far as you can.

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No one is allowed to break the deepest meditation of that monk… But what if it happens? - Move your mouse left and right to control player’s position on the screen. - Click to jump. - Press space ...

122 0
Prevent the bombardment of your city with a new technological invention that shoots electricity at its targets. This invention is a weapon that responds towards mathematical solutions. You are in co...

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It is a one-click jump game. You must step on the pedestal coming from the left and right directions in time and climb up. What matters is the position of the pedestal. Always keep in mind and jump.

63 0
In this game, a battleship is placed and the enemy battleship is first sunk by firing missiles at the enemy each turn.

71 0
Click at the timing as if riding a wave. The goal of this game is to go as far as possible. The fact that you can go further when you achieve the right timing. Do not forget it.

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Defeat the street gangsters with my hand. Side-scrolling action game. Take away your stress with'Roar of City'.

56 0
The original game was released as Duke Nukem during 1991 as a two-dimensional platform game, which was IBM PC compatible and featured 320×200, 16-color EGA graphics with vertical and horizontal scrol...

114 0
EMMO El Triste, pequeño juego de plataforma en 2D

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Save the Penguin is a nice little adventure game with a rather short story. Your objective is to save your friend who’s been imprisoned by evil penguins. If you want to save him, you first need to de...

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PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE FINAL 8BIT SPACE BATTLE. A whole fleet of alien's ships are arriving all over from Multiverse to destroy the human race. You are the chosen pilot to face them, aboard the l...

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Guide the carts that come from the mine, across the railroad, make all the rail changes to safely take the minerals to their respective factories. Tap on the rail crossings to change the carts dire...

36 0
Shoot up the rocket to target and destory it.

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This is a 2d Platformer Game Known As Adventures Of Spectre Very Interesting Levels and Without The Key You Will Not Be Able To Open The Door Controls :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::...

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I got into an accident while playing. I have surgery and I need your help. Treat it so that it does not hurt by using various surgical tools.