9 0
Thing Thing Arena 2 is a action packed, survival shooter where you take on endless hordes of enemies and try to get the best score you can. You get a plethora of different guns by defeating enemies, s...

13 0
Feed the Flowers is a mouse-only arcade game to control the trajectory of the raindrops properly to hit the flowers. Click/tap near the raindrops to steer their fall towards the flowers. Splash the f...

20 0
Guide Bae through a beautiful garden, collecting flowers and avoiding dangerous threats! Instructions Use your mouse (or touch) to control Bae, the bee

16 0
You have a crush on somebody but don't know how compatible you are? Enter your names and see if you are meant to be together with our Love Tester!

22 0
18 more levels to master 18 more holes! How many strokes will you use in Mini Putt Gem Forest, the sequel to Mini Putt Gem Garden.

25 0
This game is really cool. Sometimes it looks like there is no end to it. Help to create a hero who will defent his base. You will have to get various upgrades to make your character better and better....

34 0
Danger Land a HTML5 arcade Game. Avoid the fall obstacle to earn score and dont get lose!

18 0
Short, quite-difficult-sometimes-quite-frustrating-game and 7th place winner at Rikoshe Mobile Game Jam. Game by @AtwoodPer Music by AdhesiveWombat Enjoy, and dont forget to get ! PANIC ! on your a...

26 0
Drawing Game Template , contains 5 characters ready to use,2 styles, 4 shapes, 5 brush sizes, 3 tools, 32 colors pallet. Full commented events, no custom plugins, 200 events. optimized for mobile, an...

23 0
Show your crazy city bus driving skills and follow the city traffic rules appropriately. Be the classic real bus driver. Start your pick and drop now as the passengers are keep on calling. Pick them u...

32 0
It is a simple side-scrolling action game that you can enjoy. Break through obstacles by jumping or attacking. Have a fun game.

26 0
Hi Guys...I want to share my first game developed in Construct 2: Jungle Ride. Feedback is welcome. Take a look: New in this update: 1) Support gamepad; 2) New levels added; 3) Global list of the...

13 0
Find hidden stars in the pictures.

11 0
Fly an airplane with your mouse, and get more gold coins by hitting other aircrafts. There are different levels to challenge. It's an extraordinary experience.

10 0
Jump into a challenging and amazing platform adventure with the brave Foxy! Run through the forest full of traps and enemies to free enslaved animals. Jump over spikes and frogs. Avoid rats and water....

29 0
This is the exact remake of the original Super Mario Bros. game on NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) from 1983. The game has pixel-wise accuracy on the graphics based on the original game and conta...

23 0
Join the hype and spin until sparks fly! Originally designed as a stress-reliever, the fidget spinner will get you hooked in no time. Try to earn a high score in this super-addictive trend game: spin,...

23 0
Bananas, bananas, bananas! You're a little monkey in the jungle and have to collect as many coins as you can in this fun skill game. Jump from platform to platform, dodge enemies and other obstacles a...

21 0
A small game to go against any gamer instinct you've developed so far. Use the arrows keys to walk and jump.

30 0
This time having armed with rocket Ufo jet you will have to help the brave Ufo in search of treasures among the mysterious corridors of the old castle.

24 0
Demo version (available 2 chapters of the 8). Full version available on Steam. Full version description: -It’s a hardcore and at the same time relaxing game. The project uses quiet, meditative music...

27 0
A lazy guardian angel has released you from your metal cage. You’ve been granted the key and shield, which you’ll use to traverse the island and unlock all your friends.

21 0
Join Pixel Bear on an epic adventure! Help him find his girlfriend, Peppermint the Polar Bear!

29 0
Do you know the difference finding game? It is a game to find the difference by comparing two given pictures. It can be a bit difficult, but there are hints, so please use it well.