653 5
Ev.io is a science-fiction multiplayer FPS game that combines Halo and Destiny play style. You control a robot player that has various abilities that can be used on the battlefield. If you like scien...

304 0
This game is a game where you score points by placing blocks. In simple terms, it's similar to Tetris, but it's a game where you place blocks yourself and fill a line with blocks to score points.

195 0
Evil Lands is an action game to get rid of the evil buildings by absorbing nearby lands strategically. Evil statues and cemeteries have corrupted all the planets. Save your castle and get rid of this ...

172 0
Laqueus Escape - Chapter IV is a new chapter and new challenges of the Laqueus Escape series, a 3D room escape game. Look around, find clues, and use objects and solve puzzles to win this escape room ...

158 0
Hungry Shark Arena is a quality action game where you dive into the depths of the ocean with your shark. In total, there will be 20 players in the arena and your goal will be to eat everything that co...

155 1
This is the exact remake of the original Super Mario Bros. game on NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) from 1983. The game has pixel-wise accuracy on the graphics based on the original game and conta...

151 0
Moon Clash Heroes is a futuristic online third-party game in which you fight against other players on the server. You can control various characters, including robots or humans. You also have a choice...

140 0
Hexapath is a free puzzle game. In Hexapath you must always move but you can never go back. You are like a six-sided shark who can never stop moving in any direction as long as it's not the one you ju...

139 -1
Derby Crash 4 is the fourth episode of the Derby Crash series with more recent new cars, and an independent train running in the scenario. The cool Terraform menu from the second episode also still ca...

134 1
The block game with cute animals is here! Match 3 blocks side by side to score points! Let's go to "Jewel Pets Match" where cuteness and fun come together.

134 0
Glass Factory is a clicker game in which you maintain a glass factory. Buy new equipment for the plant and equipment for sand extraction. Will you become a millionaire? It depends on you.

129 1
GooseGame.io is a fun action online game where you'll be controlling a goose. You find yourself in an arena and your only objective is to destroy other players. To do so, you need to grow really quick...

126 2
Bombot.io is a fabulous bomberman game. Play it on CrazyGames.fr, for free. This game has been played by 7,342 people. This game has been rated 8.5 / 10 by 153 players. The game is developed by IDC / ...

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Danny swims through the water without hesitation and overcomes difficulties. Shall we overcome adversity without hesitation and start running today? Complete the mission by eating oxygen cylinders and...

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Coloring game is one of the healing games! I brought it for you! This is a healing game "Creative Coloring". Color according to the given picture.

124 0
LOLBeans.io is a multiplayer racing game where you have to avoid obstacles. Race to the end of the obstacle course in battle-royale-style elimination gameplay. Move through the levels until you’re the...

119 0
There are so many Mahjong games! Among them, this Mahjong game is full of cute characters! Heal with this game!

117 0
Although it may look adorably cute, Bubble Woods is a thrilling high score game experience. In 60 second rounds your only goal is to reach the highest score possible. Shoot the biggest clusters, use s...

116 0
From now on, you are a ninja. A ninja running infinitely forward. There are tons of enemies along your way, but they are just obstacles. Avoid enemies and run towards the end.

114 0
Gragyriss, Captor of Princesses is a strategy game about dragon life to make it stronger and conquer the enemies.

111 1
Merge Pickaxe 2 is a clicker-idle game in which you need to merge pickaxes to improve, destroy blocks, and enhance to get more money and reach the best pickaxe! This is the sequel to Merge Pickaxe.

110 0
Into this new kind of puzzle game, you should move a lot of shapes onto the playing field and align them into lines or squares to make the best score possible.

110 1
This game is a well-made "Mahjong Game". The neatly implemented design is attractive! You can feel the immersion of the game more. Let's all enjoy it together! "Mahjong Quest"

110 0
Jigsaw Puzzle returns in a great Deluxe version, with even more beautiful motives. Choose between six different difficulties that vary from relaxing casual sessions to challenging hardcore rounds. Wil...