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Ev.io is a science-fiction multiplayer FPS game that combines Halo and Destiny play style. You control a robot player that has various abilities that can be used on the battlefield. If you like scien...

427 3
Miner Cat 4 is a side-view Minecraft-inspired game with a Scratch cat character! Welcome to Miner Cat 4. It's time to mine, mine, and mine. Don't fall in the lava and make lots of money.

404 0
Lunar Atoms Tycoon is an incremental game that takes place in the distant future where people on the Moon discovered a new kind of atoms capable of producing plasma clots. The game's goal is to develo...

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This game is a game where you score points by placing blocks. In simple terms, it's similar to Tetris, but it's a game where you place blocks yourself and fill a line with blocks to score points.

380 1
This is the exact remake of the original Super Mario Bros. game on NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) from 1983. The game has pixel-wise accuracy on the graphics based on the original game and conta...

371 1
Drive your motorbike through Halloween-themed tracks filled with obstacles and stunt opportunities. Get your bike through the trials quickly to earn more points!

351 0
Train your reflexes in this fast-paced skill game and become an expert lock picker! Keep an eye on the red indicator and tap as soon as it hits the orange spot to pop the lock. Be quick and don't make...

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Hungry Shark Arena is a quality action game where you dive into the depths of the ocean with your shark. In total, there will be 20 players in the arena and your goal will be to eat everything that co...

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Join Om Nom’s newest adventure and transform him into magical forms to help the lovable little monster recover candy stolen by an evil wizard! A magical mishap has accidentally teleported Om Nom to a ...

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You have two minutes to earn as many points as possible! In this fast-paced, Tetris-style skill game, you need a good eye to complete the puzzles as quickly as you can. Drag the hexagonal pieces to mo...

326 1
Asteroid Must Die! 2 is a space-themed idle-clicker game with the main goal is to destroy all the 99 asteroids.

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There are so many Mahjong games! Among them, this Mahjong game is full of cute characters! Heal with this game!

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Skiing in winter is the flower of sports, isn't it? Immerse yourself in the cool descent of skiing. You can be the king of skis. Move left and right and touch the flag.

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This game is a game of finding hidden objects. Find objects on the screen within the time limit.

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Trials Ice Ride is a cool motorbike stunt game where you get to ride a dirt bike on many different levels full of obstacles and ramps. Hop on your all ground two wheeler and start speeding to perform ...

316 1
Coloring game is one of the healing games! I brought it for you! This is a healing game "Creative Coloring". Color according to the given picture.

294 1
Evil Lands is an action game to get rid of the evil buildings by absorbing nearby lands strategically. Evil statues and cemeteries have corrupted all the planets. Save your castle and get rid of this ...

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Move the cute little bird to the left or right to avoid being smashed by the falling crates. Climb the crates by moving towards them and collect as many tasty grains as you can. Unlock new bird buddie...

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Help the little genie in her magic shop and serve the fairies beautiful jewels! Swap and match at least 3 gems in a row to remove them from the field. Combining 4 or more stones will create special ge...

262 1
Find the Difference games have been a source of puzzling fun for generations now and they are even more enjoyable on your smartphone. They are very similar to your classic hidden object game, but due ...

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This game is a well-made "Mahjong Game". The neatly implemented design is attractive! You can feel the immersion of the game more. Let's all enjoy it together! "Mahjong Quest"

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The game of Mahjong consists of finding the pair of pieces that are the same on a large board. If they have more pieces around them, you won't be able to move them. Now imagine that the images on eac...

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It's a game to decorate a figure skater. Change from head to toe! Make it beautiful!

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Laqueus Escape - Chapter IV is a new chapter and new challenges of the Laqueus Escape series, a 3D room escape game. Look around, find clues, and use objects and solve puzzles to win this escape room ...