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(PC Only) - RPG

A Pixel Adventure - Vol.1

Explore the Castle of the Adenocarcinoma, find the secret areas and get the booty.

With over 40 dungeons full of enemies, this is not a procedural level creation game, each level is unique and can and should be revisited to get more and more coins and gold bags.

You have three stores in the game to buy swords, armor and potions.

- The swords guarantee the increase of the attack multiplied by 25%

- The armors guarantee the defense and the last armor can repel some of the enemy's distance attacks

- The potions and chickens give you health points

Arrows or WASD move 4 ways UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT

Z or Arrow UP or W or Space Jump

X or 1 or Q Attack Sword

C or 3 Dash

E or 2 Secondary weapons

Mouse - Left click to open/close inventory, buy items, use items, switch weapons, close messages

Enter Close dialogs

Up arrow Open dialogs